Dylan Conklin is a designer, developer, and a real human being.

The simplest things have always been my favorite.

Ribeye with dill butter, the Fender Telecaster, brown wingtips with a navy suit. These things have a transparent quality that simply feels right
Nothing extra, nothing absent.

I strive for these results in my work.

I believe an experience is a living, breathing concept. A user's needs travel beyond the device, and the opportunity to delight should always be taken.

I design and develop digital properties that are easy to look at and easy to use. I create for users, not other designers.


  • UX/UI Works

    I designed ux/ui.works as a rapid prototyping tool for myself, at a time when I was doing a lot of Wordpress development. This premium theme incorporates all the custom Wordpress plugins i've developed over the years, as well as the most requested functionality that has been asked of me. This is a full premium theme with custom admin interface built on the Wordpress platform, and could be scalable to other CMS' like Drupal, Concrete5 etc.

    Design, Bootstrap, Wordpress Custom Theme, Plugin Development, Admin Theme Design, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery/Javascript,

  • Wilshire Gun

    Wilshire Gun is Oklahoma City's premier gun club and shooting range. Offering more amenities in a user friendly experience is what sets Wilshire Gun apart from it's competitors. An upscale image and modern shooter experience necessitated a website that mirrored these principles. This was a custom Wordpress integration with an open-source point-of-sale system to track users all the way from their first visit to the site - to the conversion of customer or member.

    Design, Bootstrap, Wordpress Custom Theme, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, POS Integration

  • Plenty Mercantile

    Plenty Mercantile is a purveyor of life and style products that convey a strong sense of origin, process and authenticity. With this narrative, the personality and transparency of the store meet the viewer with an interactive and emotive experience.

    Design, Parallax, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery

  • saxum.com

    Saxum is a small, but effective PR agency. I worked as a consultant as they began their initiative to expand their digital capabilities to include more web based projects. I led the redesign and development of their new website, as well as assisting in the appointment of a permanent Interactive Director.

    Design, Bootstrap, Content Strategy, Wordpress Custom Theme, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery

  • NaturalGas.is

    NaturalGas.is is an educational initiative of Chesapeake Energy. This site was created to show the uses and benefits of natural gas. This site served as the home base for a video and social campaign that receives heavy rotation nation wide, In addition to the video's prime placement at OKC Thunder games, this site is also the recipient of a gold 2012 ADDY's award in the interactive category.

    Design, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery

  • Peake Fuel Solutions

    Peake Fuel Solutions is an affiliate of Chesapeake Energy. Their CNG In A Box™ allows fleet and fueling stations to add CNG pumps easily to their location. They wanted a responsive site with an easy to use CNG conversion calculator to show the cost benefits of CNG.

    Design, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery,

  • DinkYardSale.com

    I created this website to market my legendary annual yard sale. The began when we were expecting our son and we needed to make room. This website was the cornerstone of a successful social campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Each year we sell out. A previous year's design was featured on The Oklahoma City Egotist.

    Brand Creation, Design, Zurb Foundation, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Google API

  • Designatr.com

    For this project, the client needed a landing page for their upcoming web application during the development phase. I was brought in at the very beginning to create the brand and provide art direction, brand extension and collateral material. The project later evolved into something entirely different, however, this landing page was featured on smashingmagazine.com in an article on designing stunning "Coming Soon" pages. (Scroll to the bottom)

    Brand Creation, Art Direction, Collateral

  • Cafe501

    I worked with the client and a small local agency to create a mouth-watering website that incorporated the beautiful photography of their new location in Classen Curve and their appetizing fare.

    Joomla Theme, 960.gs, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery

  • Monscierge

    This was the outward facing website for a startup where I served as Creative Director and Lead Designer from 2009-2011. The company specialized in large platform touch screen interfaces and software for the hospitality industry. I worked with my team to create the branding, web layout you see here, and content for this website and the back-end CMS.

    Brand Creation, Art Direction, Collateral, 960.gs, HTML5, CSS, Jquery, Web Strategy

  • Monscierge CMS

    In addition to the outward facing website, I also designed the back-end CMS for our hospitality clients. This CMS allowed the users to fully manipulate their screen content with custom recommendations, images and special offers.

    Design, Icon Design, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Salesforce


No man is an island. Here are my influences and other favorite things.